Fan Coils

Fan coils contain the blower motor used to circulate air around your home. Having a fan coil properly matched for your home comfort needs is very important.

QuietComfort® Deluxe Series

  • Circulate air through your home seamlessly with our communicating fan coil series that is matched with your outdoor unit 
  • Can automatically adjust your heating and cooling stages to ensure your home comfort is at ultimate levels at all times
  • Equipped with variable-speed motors for superior efficiency and more even  temperatures

QuietComfort® Deluxe Fan Coil FCM4X
QuietComfort® Deluxe Fan Coil
  • Variable-Speed Fan
  • No Hassle Replacement® Limited Warranty
  • Communicating Capability
  • Two-Stage Compatible

Enjoy energy efficient performance with our variable-speed fan coil with communicating capability. It's compatible with two-stage air conditioners and heat pumps to enhance efficiency and deliver increased comfort levels.

QuietComfort® Series

  • Quiet comfort and consistency come with our fan coil series that keeps airflow efficiently moving through your home when matched with an outdoor unit
  • Variable-speed and multi-speed blower motors for even, comfortable temperatures 
  • Experience cooler temperatures when the heat is high outdoors with a variable-speed coil that can also improve humidity control

QuietComfort® Fan Coil FVM4X
  • Variable-Speed Fan
  • No Hassle Replacement™ Limited Warranty
  • Two-Stage Compatible

A fan coil that's properly matched to your outdoor unit results in increased comfort. Our variable-speed fan coil can deliver the right airflow and temperatures for more consistent comfort with enhanced efficiency.

QuietComfort® Fan Coil FXM4X
  • Multi-Speed Fan
  • No Hassle Replacement® Limited Warranty

You can improve system efficiency with this multi-speed fan coil that delivers consistent temperatures when paired with a compatible outdoor unit.